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FLC's summer reading program changes course of one child's early education

For Mark, 5, Fundamental Learning Center’s summer reading program was life changing.

Mark had not had the easiest time at preschool.

His mother, Yashika, could tell he was frustrated. He was acting out in class, and his teachers noticed his reading skills were not developing like some of the other children’s.

“We knew something was going on,” Yashika said, but they didn’t know where to turn — until someone recommended Fundamental Learning Center.

After being screened for dyslexia at FLC, Yashika enrolled Mark in the 2017 summer program.

“It was a great starting point for him,” Yashika said. “He met new friends, and he enjoyed all of the different activities.”

Yashika could see the summer program was benefiting Mark. She then made the decision to enroll Mark in FLC’s Rolph Literacy Academy full time for kindergarten. Since he started in August, Mark has transformed.

“It’s like he’s done a 360,” Yashika said.

Mark behaves at school because he is learning well and is no longer feeling frustrated.

“Before we enrolled him, he didn’t want me to read to him a night,” Yashika said. “Now he wants to read.”

Yashika said she has no regrets about investing in FLC’s summer program.

“The summer program was just the tipping point,” she said. “I know the staff is trained and knows what they are doing … He is going to have all the tools for success. If it weren’t for FLC, we would still be struggling.”

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