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Kids & Assessments.

Ideas for parents to help their child know a little about what’s going

to happen when they come to PFLC.


We suggest you read through this with your child, answer questions,

and let them know if you aren’t sure about something but will find out

when you get here.

These are our words to your extra exceptional child:  


Someone who cares about you made an appointment for an assessment!


Sometimes going to a new place can be scary. Sometimes going to a new place can be exciting.


Scary or exciting!  We can’t wait to meet you.


A lot of the kids who we meet really like to… 

      Play sports

      Do art projects

      Build stuff

      Play a musical instrument


      They might be creative or

      Have a great imagination or

      Do math or science


Reading or spelling or just school might not be so much fun.


In fact, it might be really hard.


Maybe that’s you, maybe that’s not you.


Either way we want to say “Hi, happy to meet you!” 

So…when you come to the building, it looks like this.


Come on in! There’s a table just for you – for art or building

or thinking or doing the favorite thing you brought with you.


Maybe you just want to watch the aquarium with mesmerizing fish. 

But wait!  Don’t get involved with your project quite yet.


First, as our extra special guest, you will spend, maybe an hour,

with a person who wants to listen.

       Do you have pets?

       What do you like to do the very most?  

       Maybe you even have a superpower!

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This person is called a Literacy Intervention Specialist – but you don’t call her that!   

No surprises, she will tell you her name. 

She knows a lot about how smart kids learn the best.


No testing, no grades, no homework in this place.  

Just discovering how you learn, 

      why reading or spelling isn’t your favorite thing, and 

      even help your mom or dad! 


Whew! When this part is over  -  we think you will say, “ that was kind of fun.”


A 9-year-old came in to visit one day and with a big smile said, 

“I remember sitting in that chair  – I was so little!”  

We even found her picture!  Happy memories.

Well, you still have about an hour in the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center building. Your mom or dad will now talk with the lady who has been helping you.

And, the Literacy Intervention Specialist will help them, too.


While mom or dad are talking you get to be at the “extra special guest” table or comfy chair.

You can draw or build or do what you brought to do or watch the fish …...

The person behind the desk will introduce herself, answer your questions and 

keep watch as you work and play.   

When mom or dad return -

Your time here has come to an end.  

We may not see you again –

but we are sooooooo happy you came today!   

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