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Learn to teach struggling readers.

Our classes train participants in research-proven methods.

"I was never taught how to teach a child who couldn't read, how to read."

We hear it every day from experienced teachers, caring parents and grandparents.

Myths abound about literacy issues that include dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD, ADHD and others. 

At PFLC’s Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute, adult learners train to effectively teach all students, with a focus on those with reading difficulties. These teachers and parents have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning in a collaborative environment. 

PFLC offers adults a variety of learning choices. To help struggling readers, learners have the chance to work toward becoming Structured Literacy Intervention Specialists and Certified Academic Language Therapists, enabling them to offer private tutoring to their own children and other students. Our instructors unlock the key to helping struggling readers by demonstrating, teaching the method and providing materials to help new instructors teach Alphabetic Phonics.

Our distance learning equipment allows our highly trained instructors to effectively teach participants located anywhere in the world through use of a virtual classroom. We have one instructor dedicated to the virtual classroom to ensure participants are able to interact with class members and have any questions or concerns addressed in real time.

Train because you want to teach one child, or train to teach hundreds. You can even send one of your child's teachers to learn. Call us to learn more, or enroll in a course or workshop below.

In 2017, PFLC Executive Director Jeanine Phillips released The Sound Case, a curriculum for the emerging reader. The research-based design of this case contains lesson plans created based upon the findings from their journey. Learn more.

To check out or register for our available courses and workshops, click here. To learn about our lecture series, click here.

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The skill of reading requires matching letters to sounds, sounds to words, and words to expression. A jumble of sounds and symbols can become a smooth path to reading if dyslexic individuals are given the proper instruction – like that found in The Sound Case or our Literacy Intervention Training certified by ALTA for teachers and parents.

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Tammy Kofford


Director of Teacher Training

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Tammi Hope


Director of Business Development

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Jill Hodge

PFLC Ambassador, Facilitator

Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute

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Sydney Mankins

Scheduling Coordinator


     Everything from The Sound Case™ to Alphabetic Phonics is taught in full partnership with the following accredited universities. For more information, click on a school and explore the course study and all of the effective tools you will need to teach a child to read.

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