Dyslexia: Let's talk about it.

Dyslexia is:

Dyslexia is not:

• a learning difference that is neurological in origin

• reading backward

• a major societal issue, affecting 1 in 5 individuals

• something children will "grow out of"

• a difference affecting the development of reading, writing and spelling skills

• a difference that comes with Super Powers! People with dyslexia often have intelligence in areas such as visual-spatial, emotional and creative.

• an indicator of low intelligence. In fact, people with dyslexia often have above average intelligence.

• a diagnosis that means an individual cannot be successful. In fact, many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, athletes and artists have dyslexia.

Check for these signs that your child might have dyslexia

Does or did your child...

confuse left and right,up and down, before and after, yesterday and tomorrow?

have trouble following spoken instructions?

have trouble controlling crayons and/or scissors?

have difficulty jumping rope, skipping, swimming or other 

activities that require repeated rhythmic movements?

have trouble organizing and managing simple tasks?

confuse words (read “was” as “went,” “house” as “horse”?)

have relatives who struggled to learn to read?

have trouble reading, spelling, or remembering printed symbols?

have trouble finishing tests in the allotted amount of time?

have difficulty carrying a tune?

have trouble reading aloud? 

reverse numbers?

have trouble with word problems (“If Johnny had six apples …”?)

have erratic, illegible handwriting (letters look different every time they are written?)

seem late or irregular in speech development?

reverse the order of sounds in words as they speak?

If you’ve checked six or more circles in this list then your child is at risk.

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