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Course Registration for Adult Learners

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Select one:  

July 22 -August 2, 2024

October 7 -18, 2024

February 10-21. 2025

June 2-13, 2025

8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Total Cost: $3,891.50 + materials tax

($3,150.00 tuition + $741.50 

+ tax for materials.


PFLC provides $419.50 in materials

and you will order $322 in materials)


Deposit: $700.00

Graduate credit available 

for an additional fee

Structured Literacy Essentials Badge.png

Select one:  

July 7-11, 2025

July 28-August 1, 2025

8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. 

Tuition – $1,010.00 per teacher

PFLC Materials - $210.00 + tax


2 graduate credit hours available 

through Friends University 

for an additional $170.00

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Select one: 

August 29-30, 2024

September 19-20, 2024

October 3-4, 2024

December 12-13, 2024

9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Total Cost: 

$745.00 + material tax

($345.00 tuition + $400.00 materials)

$50 deposit required

One graduate credit available through

Friends University for an additional $85.

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Select one:

August 2, 2024

September 26, 2024

February 6, 2025

April 10, 2025

June 19, 2025

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Cost: $325.00 + materials tax

($175.00 tuition + $150 materials)

.5 graduate credit available through Friends University for an additional $42.50

Instagram 1080x1080 The Grammar Case Course.png

Select one: 

July 30, 2024 

September 6, 2024

October 8, 2024

January 30, 2025

March 4, 2025

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Total Cost: $325.00 + material tax

($175.00 tuition + $150 materials)

.5  graduate credit available through Friends University for an additional $42.50

Help a child learn to read

Our courses and workshops were designed with 25 years' worth of expertise in the field of educating students with reading differences. We love to have educators and parents alike in our courses and workshops.


Plan now for your 2024-2025 training. Select the course, workshop or lecture name and the date you would like to attend. 


Materials will be purchased separately and will be provided when you arrive for your course or workshop.

Friends University is excited to accept the noted workshop graduate credits earned through

the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center for the

Structured Literacy Intervention Specialist concentration. 

These elective credits can be applied toward

a Master of Education degree at Friends University.

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    Emily Hanford reports on the ways that reading has been taught over the last 30 years and how those methods may be failing the 70% of children unable to read proficiently at 4th grade. 

    Listen now to her ten podcast series “Sold a Story”– especially before you buy your next curriculum.



A seven year old boy struggles to make sense of words on the page. But when Mike is diagnosed with dyslexia and the teachers continue to fail him, his mother takes matters into her own hands to help her son fulfil his true potential.

The skill of reading requires matching letters to sounds, sounds to words, and words to expression. A jumble of sounds and symbols can become a smooth path to reading if dyslexic individuals are given the proper instruction – like that found in The Sound Case or our Literacy Intervention Training certified by ALTA for teachers and parents.

If you are making a prearranged payment for a course or workshop,

you may pay here.

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