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Real time, research-based learning.

Our students enjoy hands-on learning all day, every day

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Rolph Literacy Academy, a one-of-a-kind school for children ages 5-9 with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, goes beyond simply remediating students' reading, writing and spelling skills. 

Students participate in a comprehensive curriculum, with multisensory teaching that caters to dyslexic children’s learning styles. Special emphasis is placed on STEM and the arts. Importantly, we teach students the Alphabetic Phonics program, which is a research-based proven method to teach students with dyslexia to read.

RLA’s class sizes are small, offering a one-to-four instructional ratio in language arts classes. RLA classrooms do not look like traditional classrooms because students often are participating in hands-on, creative activities that work best to teach students who learn differently. This helps children discover their strengths, or as we like to call them, super powers.

Children who struggle with reading confidence thrive at RLA. Take it from the mother of one of our student who let us know what her son said after the first day of school.

"As he gets in the car, 'Mom, I can't wait for it to be night so I can wake up and go to school again!' Thanks for a great day and for taking such good care of him!" — an RLA Parent
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See an excited student with dyslexia

tell you why Rolph Literacy Academy

is the place to be in Wichita. (Video series below.)

To inquire about applying for RLA,

please call Hayley today at 316.684.READ(7323)

The Froebel Gifts are one of our favorite learning tools we use in our STEM lessons at Rolph Literacy Academy. Here’s a short video demonstrating how entire sets of shapes and sizes enable spatial play and imagination to flourish.

Click here to play the Introduction to Froebel Gifts and Examples of Froebel Gift Play

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