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The Art of the Stall

Dyslexia manifests in many ways. Some signs of dyslexia are obvious: difficulty reading, writing, and spelling. Other signs are more subtle: disliking school, difficulty following spoken instructions, and frequently interrupting others. Often, parents and teachers mistake these signs of dyslexia as intentional stubbornness, defiance, or laziness.

During the Kansas Dyslexia Task Force Pop-Up Conference held in Wichita, Kansas in June 2019, Dr. David P. Hurford, Chair, Department of Psychology and Counseling and Director, Center for Research, Evaluation and Awareness of Dyslexia at Pittsburg State University, said that one of the most easily overlooked traits of a student with dyslexia is their uncanny ability to dodge the idea of doing schoolwork.

When dyslexic students are frustrated and not getting the type of instruction their brains need they will come up with new and creative ways to get out of schoolwork. It is often said that some of the dyslexic “superpowers” are creativity and storytelling. We asked one of our favorite schoolwork dodgers to list for parents and students alike the best “dodges” of schoolwork he employs — both for entertainment value and to raise awareness of this particular trait for teachers and parents.


The Art of “The Stall”

by 10 years old Dyslexic student, A.R.

Some days you just need to get out of school and have some fun. I can give you some tips about trying to get out of school or any type of work.

First, you can say something like, “I need to use the bathroom” When you are excused, you grab your backpack and drive away in a school bus.

Next, you can say, “Look! What’s that?” and make a dramatic exit.

Then if you get in trouble, you can say, “I need to get my paperwork.” Once you get away, you hide in the bushes like a ninja until recess.

If none of these tips work, you can just say, “I am sick and need to go home.” Pour warm water on your head and make your temperature read four hundred degrees.

Now you know how to get out of work!

You are a graduate of the A. R. School of Stalling.

Good luck.


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