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Phillips Fundamental Learning Center Staff

Staff Photos-31 SM.png

Jeanine Phillips

M.S. Ed., CALT-QI 

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Board Photos-8 Penny Dorpinghaus SM.png

Penny Dorpinghaus

Director of Finance

Board Photos-1 Ginny SM.png

Ginny Willey

Director of Operations

and Human Resources

Staff Photos-27 Sarah Collins.png

Sarah Collins

Director of Development

Dr Tinemann 134A1614.jpg

Dr. Janelle Tidemann


School Psychologist

Connie Thompson S05A0653_edited.jpg

Connie Thompson


Director of Assessments

Joan Stambaugh WebStaff.jpg

Stacie Swanson

Dyslexia Assessment Specialist

Terri Dugger

Assessment Coordinator

Joan Stambaugh, CALT

Dyslexia Assessment Specialist

Board Photos-4 Hayley Martin SM.png

Hayley Martin

Administrative Assistant

to the Directors

Smith Jami 0E4A0346_edited.jpg

Jami Smith

First Impressions Adminstrator

Eaton Marissa 0E4A0338_edited.jpg

Marissa Eaton

IT Specialist

Tessa Zimmerman Headshots-1.jpg

Tessa Zimmerman

Social Media

& Marketing Coordinator

Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute Staff

Tammy Kofford S05A0632_edited.jpg

Tammy Kofford, M.S. Ed., QI

Senior Director of

Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute

Tammi Hope S05A0628.jpg

Tammi Hope, CALT-QI, C-SLDS

Director of Program Development

Hodge Jill 0E4A0344_edited.jpg

Jill Hodge

PFLC Ambassador,

Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute Facilitator

Staff Photos-11 SM.png

Sydney Marler


Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute

Ginger Robson RTCH_edited.jpg

Ginger Robson

Inventory Manager

& Administrative Partner

Rolph Literacy Academy Staff

Kuhns Denice 0E4A0183_edited.jpg

Denice Kuhns



Rolph Literacy Academy

Herzberg Terretta_0E4A9873.jpg

Terretta Herzberg, CALT

Assisstant Director 

Rolph Literacy Academy

Richilano Denise 0E4A0155_edited.jpg

Denise Richilano

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Stern Math,

Emerging Reader

Myers Jaidyn 0E4A0157_edited.jpg

Jaidyn Myers

Stern Math


ODonnell Katie 0E4A0215_edited.jpg

Katie O'Donnell, CALT

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Alphabetic Phonics

PEEK Christina Phillips Enzo 0E4A0178_ed

Christina Peek, CALT

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Alphabetic Phonics

Krystin Noder RTCH.jpg

Krystin Noder

Literacy Intervention Specialist

ENGELBRECHT Amie 0E4A0275_edited.jpg

Amie Engelbrecht

Literacy Intervention Specialist

WAUGH Jenny 0E4A0289_edited.jpg

Jenny Waugh

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Mira Ehrlich S05A0722_edited.jpg

Mira Ehrlich

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Jackson-Simon Denise 0E4A0179_edited.jpg

Denise Jackson-Simon

Music Teacher

Lawton Brenda 0E4A0309_edited.jpg

Brenda Lawton

Drama Teacher

Pepper Kate 0E4A0348_edited.jpg

Kate Pepper

Art Teacher

Mark Ruggles 2_edited.jpg

Mark Ruggles

Physical Education Teacher

Burk Liz 0E4A0340_edited.jpg

Liz Burk

RLA Nurse

Marie Masterson

Jenae Crowley

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