Phillips Fundamental Learning Center Staff


Jeanine Phillips

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Penny Dorpinghaus WebStaff A74Y1125 crop

Penny Dorpinghaus

Director of Finance


Dr. Brian Stone

Independent School Psychologist

Ginny Willey WebStaff cropped_edited.jpg

Ginny Willey

Director of Human Resources

Sarah Collins WebStaff

Sarah Collins

Director of Community Relations

Tammy Kofford RTCH_edited.jpg

Tammy Kofford

Director of Teacher Training

Robin Meyen WebStaff cropped_edited_edit

Robin Meyen

Director of Distance Training

SydneyMankins alt IMG_7947 WebStaff crop

Sydney Mankins

Scheduling Coordinator

Ginger Robson RTCH.jpg

Ginger Robson

Administrative Support

Connie Thompson WebStaff cropped_edited.

Connie Thompson

Director of Dyslexia Screening

Denice Kuhns WebStaff cropped.jpg

Denice Kuhns, CALT

Dyslexia Screening,

Stern Math,

Alphabetic Phonics, Science

Joan Stambaugh WebStaff cropped_edited.j

Joan Stambaugh, CALT

Dyslexia Screening Specialist

Michelle Neria RTCH.jpg

Michelle Neria

Administrative Associate

Assessment Scheduler

Rolph Literacy Academy Staff

Ann Welborn WebStaff cropped.jpg

Ann Welborn


Nadine Voth WebStaff cropped_edited.jpg

Nadine Voth, CALT

Stern Math,

Alphabetic Phonics

Tammi Hope WebStaff cropped_edited.jpg

Tammi Hope, CALT

Assistive Technology, Teacher training

Dorothy Neff WebStaff cropped.jpg

Dorothy Neff

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Science, Social Studies,

Stern Math

Denise Richilano WebStaff cropped.jpg

Denise Richilano

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Stern Math,

Emerging Reader

Sarah Viet WebStaff cropped_edited_edite

Sarah Vliet

Assistant to the RLA Director

Jill Hodge WebStaff cropped.jpg

Jill Hodge

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Alphabetic Phonics

Denise Jackson-Simon WebStaff

Denise Jackson-Simon


Jordon Spellman WebStaff cropped.jpg

Jordon Mies

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Stern Math,

Emerging Reader

Krystin Noder RTCH.jpg

Krystin Noder

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Christina Peek WebStaff cropped.jpg

Christina Peek

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Alphabetic Phonics

Kate Pepper WebStaff cropped.jpg

Kate Pepper


MarkRTCH .jpg

Mark Ruggles

Physical Education Teacher

Cassandra Timko RTCH.jpg

Casandra Timko

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Jessica Tran RTCH.jpg

Jessica Tran

Literacy Intervention Specialist

Courtney Wages RTCH.jpg

Courtney Wages

Movement & Dance