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Gifts are directed to qualified teachers on the front lines to help them feel confident in spreading the word and saying “dyslexia” so that they can educate as many struggling readers in their schools as possible. 


Currently one teacher per year is chosen to start and stay on a two-year course to finish their training as Certified Academic Language Therapist, CALT. Training is done at The Andeel Teacher Literacy Academy at Phillips Fundamental Learning Center.


Using practicums and proven techniques of the Academic Language Therapist Association (ALTA) they learn to help children by using Orton- Gillingham based methods proven to be effective for over 98% of struggling readers. With or without dyslexia involvement.


Any amount accepted toward group funding of more teachers per year would be welcome to get teachers to help children with dyslexia into the training pipeline.

Tax deductible

and much appreciated.

Just Say It: Love is what the “Just Say It” Scholarship is all about. If it wasn’t for all the educators that took the time to love what they do and help our family find our way through the dyslexic maze, we would not be able to give back that love. 

    Thank goodness our daughter Camille’s 2nd grade teacher said the words that “she suspected dyslexia” and pointed us to the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center. 

    A lot of educators in our beautiful state of Kansas, including Camille’s mom, Betsy, are hesitant to “Say It” to parents because our public schools are not well equipped with the appropriate tools, resources, and curriculum to effectively teach students with dyslexia. 

    We want teachers on the front lines to feel confident in spreading the word and saying “dyslexia” so that they can educate as many struggling readers in their schools

as possible. 

    We are so thankful for our daughters’ Phillips Fundamental Learning Center trained teachers and tutors that we wanted to start the “Just Say It” teacher scholarship. 

    Our hope is that the scholarship recipients will be able to help many more families like ours who are in need of answers, solutions, and the right programs to help their child reach their full potential. 

    The students will gain so much confidence in school and discover their unique talents and creative abilities just as our daughter Camille has. 

    Dyslexia is far from a disabling word, it is one that enables us to see all the colors in the spectrum of creativity and intellect.

    So get out there and “Just Say It.” 

    Dyslexia is real, it is brilliant, and beautiful!

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Phillips Fundamental Learning Center

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