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Focus on their strengths.

Dr. Janelle Tidemann PhD., LCP, is an onsite but independent licensed school psychologist who tests for learning differences

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I am a PhD psychologist licensed as a clinical psychotherapist and school psychologist who offices at Phillips Fundamental Learning Center.


I specialize in testing children and adults for learning disorders to include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and nonverbal learning disorder. I also specialize in testing for attention disorders and other neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders. I can also evaluate for ACT or SAT accommodations so that they can perform to the best of their ability.


I have a doctorate in psychology and a post-doctorate in clinical neuropsychology. I have 30 years of experience testing individuals aged 5 to 90 years old for various educational, psychological, and neuropsychological difficulties.


My experience has included: psychologist for community mental health centers, school-psychologist, program director, executive director, and private-practice. I was a contract provider for years for the Center for Learning Disorders in Topeka, KS., under Dr. Michele Berg who is a Fellow in Learning Disabilities. My license is KS 272, and my NPI number is 1437344694.

Comprehensive Evaluations (Testing) for Learning Disorders:

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Nonverbal Learning Disorders, and ADHD.


The day of testing begins at 10:00 am and consists of approximately to 3 hours of testing. While the child is testing, the parent completes a short form of clinical history. At the end of testing, you can take your child to lunch for approximately 1.0 hour while I prepare results. I will then spend time reviewing the test results with you and your child, and then I will prepare a detailed report. This documentation can be used to take to the child’s school to request interventions.

The fee for this evaluation is $1750.00. You must pay by check (to Dr. Janelle Tidemann), CASH, or CREDIT CARD the day of testing. You will receive a $50.00 discount for cash. Insurance does not pay for educational testing. I do not file insurance for testing. However, I will provide you with a receipt to file with your insurance if you choose. 


I also specialize in neuropsychological assessments. This specialized comprehensive evaluation is for children, adolescents, and adults whose learning, memory, thinking, or behavior are affected by brain impairment, brain injury or neurodevelopmental disorder. This evaluation examines the relationships between brain development and cognitive/behavioral functioning to make recommendations for rehabilitation, interventions, and accommodations. 

This type of evaluation takes longer to complete and is very extensive. The fee for this type of evaluation is $2500.00. Again, I do not file insurance, however, I will be more than happy to provide you with a receipt to file with your insurance if you choose. 

One final thought, I take great joy in helping children, adolescents, and adults to uncover their strengths and weaknesses and to provide detailed explanations and recommendations that will allow the individual to focus on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. 

Dr. Janelle Tidemann PhD, LCP

Independent School Psychologist

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