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PHILLIPS Fundamental Learning Center Mission Statement

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center empowers children, especially those with dyslexia, by teaching them to read, write and spell; educates adults by providing research-based literacy programs for children; and enlightens parents and the broader community to the educational and health needs of their children.

PFLC builds reading confidence, one child at a time, since 2001.

After years fighting to each help a dyslexic child, Gretchen Andeel and Jeanine Phillips opened the doors of the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center in 2001. Their goal was to train educators and parents wanting to teach children with dyslexia and other struggling readers. These services have evolved to include distance-learning opportunities for parents and educators not located in the Wichita area. 

During the early years, the center also offered screenings for students with reading difficulties and learning opportunities for these students. Later, the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center saw a need for a full-time school to help elementary-aged children with dyslexia receive instruction in a way that best suited their learning styles. Rolph Learning Academy was opened and during fall 2021, the school serves 60 children ages 5-11 for the academic year. RLA will be limited to 60 children during the 2022-2023 school year.

To date, the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center has had a hand in helping hundreds of thousands of children improve their reading skills. Jeanine Phillips remains at the helm of the center as its executive director, and her tireless research and efforts into helping dyslexic children learn to read continue to make an impact as Kansas public schools continue to decline to recognize dyslexia as an educational disability. Most recently, Phillips released The Sound Case, a comprehensive curriculum to help children who are emerging readers. Gretchen Andeel continues to be heavily involved with the Center as the head of its Board of Directors.

Jeanine Phillips enjoys children at Rolph Literacy Academy on the first day of school in 2017. Phillips oversees every aspect of the Fundamental Learning Center as its executive director.

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