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Bright, creative girl finds home at Rolph Literacy Academy

Carrie Haynes knew her daughter, Layla, who is in the third grade, was bright.

She could create art projects out of household items, and her thoughts and observations showed wisdom beyond her years. Not to mention that Layla has a gift with people.

"She is a very loving person," Carrie said. "Sweet — all the time."

Yet Layla struggled in school with reading, writing and spelling. Carrie knew Layla was not learning appropriately, and she approached the school several times throughout Layla's first three years at school.

"Layla would cry when she had to go to school," Carrie said.

Finally, Carrie found Fundamental Learning Center, a non-profit that helps children learn to read, write and spell. She signed Layla up for FLC's Summer Literacy Program.

Layla flourished at the summer program, so Carrie enrolled Layla in the Darrel & Dee Rolph Literacy Academy at Fundamental Learning Center. At RLA, Layla has made friends while her literacy skills improve.

"There's no more crying in the morning," Carrie said. "She goes to school with a smile on her face. I pick her up, there's a smile on her face."

Because of Carrie's advocacy, Layla's future looks bright.

"I love (school)," Layla said. "And I really want to come back next year."

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