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With the right instructional toolbox you can help children read who struggle with dyslexia.

It's a lifetime calling.

Children with dyslexia account for 1 in 5 of the population around us. After the pandemic school shutdowns fully 70% of Kansas students in fourth grade or older are not capable of reading even at fourth grade level.

The need is overwhelming, but we must start somewhere. We have the right tools.


You have the right drive.

The payback is both personal and financial.

Call if you would or could become one of our expanding network of Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT) and a Structured Literacy Intervention Specialists.


Call if you are a University student majoring in Education.


Call if you're a parent or grandparent who can invest time with your own child or other children in your immediate area.

Struggling readers are all around us and they need you.

Become a Structured Literacy Intervention Specialist

Friends University and Phillips Fundamental Learning Center (PFLC) have joined forces to effectively prepare teachers to teach those with reading difficulties. Our joint partnership allows teachers pursuing their Master of Education at Friends University to apply their elective hours toward the Dyslexia and Literacy Interventionist Concentration. Specific graduate credit courses are offered through PFLC.


Every school needs a Structured Literacy Intervention Specialist.

Be the one who makes an impact on the success of your students. 

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Are you listening? 

Emily Hanford reports on the ways that reading has been taught over the last 30 years and how those methods may be failing the 70% of children unable to read proficiently at 4th grade. Easy and must listening for any parent or teacher, it’s her six podcast series "Sold a Story"

The skill of reading requires matching letters to sounds, sounds to words, and words to expression. A jumble of sounds and symbols can become a smooth path to reading if dyslexic individuals are given the proper instruction – like that found in our Literacy Intervention Training certified by ALTA for teachers and parents.

CLICK HERE Dyslexia Intervention Course Guide 2023-24 NEW ed 13

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Dyslexia Handbook:

Requirements for


Structured Literacy Intervention




A seven year old boy struggles to make sense of words on the page. But when Mike is diagnosed with dyslexia and the teachers continue to fail him, his mother takes matters into her own hands to help her son fulfil his true potential.

Structured Literacy Intervention Specialist

Alphabetic Phonics 44 Phonemes video instruction:

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