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Transforming EducatioN

through Literacy

Give to sustain this new campus, opening August 2023,

that helps children with dyslexia develop and grow.

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Over 2,250 tons of concrete poured since groundbreaking says this building is real.

These are meaningful days to the PFLC family. It is heartwarming to see generations of families whose lives have been touched alongside new supporters who have joined us.


Groundbreaking was attended by PFLC donors, families, teachers, students, staff, board members, as well as our partners on the new building, GLMV Architects and Eby construction. 

Now, footings, floors and exterior landscaping walls are shaped and poured. 

Below, take dynamic aerial tours recorded throughout the build process.

Also be sure to take the virtual video tour below of what will be included in our new facility.


It's a fresh start to reading for children with dyslexia, their parents and their teachers. And it's real.

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Exterior retaining wall leads to overhead astounding visuals
Overhead Construction Site August Drone 2022-09-01 at 2.01.58 PM sm
An interior wall goes up
Board Members wield their shovels
Our Construction Crew Leaders finish the job.
The sign of Transforming Education is building with your help.
Some of the incredible folks we're striving to help here and across the nation.

Dyslexia is real.  Our building in Kansas is real.  


Please join us as we work to transform education by teaching children to read, especially those with dyslexia!


A new drone flight video over our site will be added each month.

Check back and watch us grow!

This new building is located east at 14533 E Sharon Lane Wichita, Kansas 67230.

Tour by video, or scroll in this photo sequence further to discover the unique design of this facility and grounds that will help children with dyslexia learn to read, write, spell and thrive in life.

– Design: Craig A. Rhodes, AIA NCARB,

Vice President– Division Lead, GLMV Architecture 

Contractors: Eby Construction

Every classroom has large expanses of glass and light to the outdoor scenery.
Overall campus view displays children's playground.
An informal entry lobby greets guests to the teacher classroom.
Large interactive teacher training classroom allows Alphabetic Phonics instruction.
Paths lead to outdoor classrooms of botanical areas for kinesthetic play and life sciences.
Garden biology and washup area concludes at the back with a long, low chicken run.
Estuary trails lead to treehouse climbing and elevated areas to view life in the treetops.

1 in 5 People are dyslexic

What does that mean for education?

Imagine going to school every day feeling sick. Imagine knowing something is wrong, but not having the words to express what. Students with dyslexia are extremely bright - they excel in much of what they do. They are so bright, in fact, that they learn early on how to "fake it till they make it." Until it's just too much. 

That's where we come in.

Schools are for learning.

Everyone should have the ability to have a safe space to learn - even those with dyslexia. The Phillips Fundamental Learning Center is on a mission to create a space that empowers all children to learn how to read, write, and spell.

Through specialized training and individualized programming, PFLC is able to help students excel. We meet students where they are and create a plan to help them get where they need to be.

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center offers a space that plays to the strengths of our students. Students need a space that stimulates their creativity. They need to feel inspired and safe to explore.

More than anything, we must make a place for reading.

Effective instruction requires at least a 1:4 teacher to student ratio

The current space allows for up to 60 students to be served at any given time. Our new building will allow us to serve up to 120 students each year and allow us to double our impact. 

Reading skills Affect everyone


Our new building will allow us to train more teachers. 


Be sure your child gets the help they need. 


Our new building will allow us to teach more students how to read and write, enabling them to be better workers.


Support the only Dyslexia center in the 5-state region. Drawing national recognition.


Support a new way of learning - one that helps every student be successful.

People with Dyslexia

Help us create the environment that you wish you had.