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We’re so glad you’re here on our website to learn more about dyslexia and discover the resources available to you related to dyslexia: parent and teacher educational courses/classes, lectures, materials and supplies. 

Currently we offer one video to you free of charge. View the video when it is most convenient for you.


The video is Dyslexia: Let's Talk About It. 

The video is best viewed, then a short live lecture attended which allows a follow up Question & Answer session with Jeanine at 5:30 p.m. on the Third Thursday evening of each month at Phillips Fundamental Learning Center. 


Please email mneria@funlearn.org to register for the Q&A session with Jeanine.


Thank you so much for watching this video, and after viewing, if you have additional questions, please call 316-684-7323 or email mneria@funlearn.org.

JeaninePhillips DyslexiaLetsTalkAboutIt

Dylexia: Let's Talk About It

It’s not just another lecture about dyslexia. 

Watch this video of the personal story of Jeanine Phillip’s search to find a reason why her son hated school so much it made him sick every day and the diagnosis for why he struggled to read. 

Her journey will comfort and inspire you, and show how Phillips Fundamental Learning Center came to help so many families cope with the issues of dyslexia.