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"I'm a parent or guardian
and need to prepare my child 
to read."

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"I'm a teacher
and need to prepare my children to read."

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Open The Sound Case™ shelf box and find a fresh start to preparing a child to read.


Here is a prepare-to-read kit packed with evidence-based, professional level teaching tools. It's the same kit we use at Phillips Fundamental Learning Center to prepare our 5-7 year-olds to read, write, and spell.


Just add children's books from your current collection, your local library, or buy from your bookstore or our online bundles.

Each lesson is uniquely separated into intro, face-to-face steps, side-by-side steps, and easy instructions on a tactile "bump"stroke for each letter.


The Sound Case, once completed, allows young children who may struggle with dyslexia advance quickly while reading their way into other school subjects.

Online training in a 2-hour comfortable tour is included along with a set of ten Preliminary Lessons to get you and your student acquainted.


Both Preliminary and Online forms of training help you use The Sound Case right out of the box. Click on "I'm a parent guardian" or "I'm a teacher" or tour through both options. Either way, the kit materials are identical.

Consider 1 out of 5 children have dyslexia and 66% of fourth graders nationally are unable to read at grade level. Learning to read can turn into a lifelong issue if not started now.


Don't wait. Check out The Sound Case.


Prepare, and hear the words from your 5 year old: "I just read that!" 

"I'm ready..."
(pick and click from any of these items and we'll ship your materials right away.)