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The Grammar Case, May 2, 2025

The Grammar Case, May 2, 2025

9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Cost: $325.00 + material tax

($175.00 tuition + $150 materials)

$50 deposit required


.5 graduate credit available

through Friends University

for an additional $42.50


This one-day instructional workshop introduces parents, teachers or other professionals to a multisensory approach to teaching the basic elements of English grammar to children grades 1-12.


A distinctive color-coding system reinforces the eight basic parts of speech as well as basic and expanded sentence and paragraph structure.


Materials consist of simple-to-use lesson cards, a grammar deck, hands-on manipulatives and access to reproducible games and practice activities for student use.


Once enrolling in this workshop, you must purchase the Grammar By Color materials — including lesson cards, grammar deck, hands-on manipulatives and web code to access reproducible games separately for $150 + tax.

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