Kids with dyslexia

read and succeed.

Answers for help in reading with dyslexia.

Here is a place of help for children who struggle to read.

Here is a teacher and parent education center for dyslexia

And here is a private school for children with dyslexia in Kansas.

You've found one – a child who struggles to grasp letters and numbers. Now you need answers.

You've also found the right place for help. Only here, out of an entire four state area, will you find answers to make a bright future for a child who struggles to learn to read. Welcome to Fundamental Learning Center. And a sigh of relief.

Assess, evaluate, train and teach. That's what we do. We help teach children to read with research-validated curricula, lessons and classroom-tested instruction that clicks with your child's learning style. And our answers also meet the Kansas Dyslexia Task Force recommendations for child and teacher alike.

Fundamental Learning Center was founded by Jeanine Phillips and Gretchen Andeel, both accomplished teachers, instructors of teachers and, most importantly, parents of kiddos with profound dyslexia. Hundreds of thousands of children now read and enjoy an enhanced life because of their efforts. Be one or bring one. 

We are a privately funded 501(c)3, educational not-for-profit which serves children having reading, writing, and spelling difficulties which includes children with dyslexia. 


Our mission specifically addresses the importance of teaching children to read using structured literacy instruction as well as educating parents, teachers and the community.

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The skill of reading requires matching letters to sounds, sounds to words, and words to expression. A jumble of sounds and symbols can become a smooth path to reading if dyslexic individuals are given the proper instruction.