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Learn how to teach the foundational skills for reading success at home!

You can make a difference in your child’s life.

          “PFLC is life altering for any child, adult, parent, educator, or administrator that is willing to take the time to learn how to teach a child to read, write, and spell. Taking the time to not only learn the background knowledge is important, but moving from knowledge to application is what sets PFLC apart from any college class, LETRS training, or professional development. Take the opportunity to change your life, and every child’s life, for the better.” – DAWN BURKE, M.Ed., Literacy Intervention Specialist, The Confident Approach L.L.C 

Explore The Sound Case!

Now more than ever your kids need your help and support to help them learn to read, write and spell. The Phillips Fundamental Learning Center can help with The Sound Case™. The Sound Case kit is being used by professionals to teach children to read, by teachers in schools and by parents doing home schooling.

For one hour a day, you can continue to support your child's efforts to learn to read, and even get younger children in your house engaged in the lessons. The Sound Case is appropriate for children ages 5-8 who have dyslexia, are struggling to read or who are just learning to read.

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"I feel like this program is vital to pre-readers because you’re teaching them how language works and how learning works. It’s so much fun that I don’t think Alex (5) realized he was doing work. I think it speaks volumes to the design of this program that my child intuitively liked doing it." 

— Sarah Collins, mother


We have the reading solution you've been searching for.

As many as 1 in 5 children experience significant difficulty learning to read.

Whether or not this is a child you love, The Sound Case is the answer for your family. This reading program comes with all the help you need to teach your child — whether developing typically or struggling to learn — to read.

The Sound Case author Jeanine Phillips has more than 25 years of experience helping children learn to read in the literacy education field.

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When Jeanine's 5-year-old son, Cooper, was diagnosed with dyslexia in the '80s, there was no help for their family where they lived in Kansas. Jeanine was able to travel to Texas to train in a curriculum that gave Cooper the life-changing gift of reading. But she saw many other parents who did not have the funds or schedule flexibility to help their children in the same way. Jeanine and her friend, Gretchen Andeel, started Phillips Fundamental Learning Center to help Kansas families, but with the online training it offers, The Sound Case can reach families far and wide.

Author Jeanine Phillips

Parents are raving about The Sound Case

Ava's Success Story

"We see lots of change now. She can say letter sounds, and you can recognize her name when she writes it. It’s impressive to see the progression of handwriting when we look at what she just recently did compared to the first letters she attempted." 

    — Kim, mother of Ava,

who  received instruction

using The Sound Case


Ava, 6, was born early, and she experienced some delays in speech and language development.

Her mother, Kim, was used to hearing she was behind. That is until she began learning foundational reading skills using The Sound Case. For the first time, Ava excelled.

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Help your child gain reading skills today!

"Phillips Fundamental Learning Center did a great job of taking an overwhelming task and making it simple for parents and teachers, no matter where they are located. These are the tools to get a child who has reading difficulties, reading.” 

— Amber Jacobsen

Victor, Idaho

"I've really loved going through The Sound Case with Alex. He likes doing it and thinks it's fun.

I have seen his confidence grow.” 

— Sarah Collins

Wichita, Kansas

Hear one mom's story of success with The Sound Case

The key to success with The Sound Case

When The Sound Case arrives right at your doorstep, here are two tips to get you started:

   1) Log into your interactive, state-of-the-art online training module right away! You have six months of access to this vital training. Research has proven the adult teacher training in the reading curriculum is crucial to the success of the child.

   2) Locate some of the books that pair with the scripted lesson plans. These books are available at your local library or on

Children who complete The Sound Case emerge with critical, foundational reading skills.

The Sound Case arrives on your doorstep with everything you need to help your child learn reading skills:

43 scripted lesson plans 

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the teaching materials you need

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short video lesson examples help get you started.

Call 316-684-7323 for access.

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For just one low price, when you purchase

The Sound Case you receive:

the case itself, filled with scripted lesson plans and teaching materials

short video lesson examples

Call 316-684-7323 for access.

So what exactly will my child learn through this program?

The Sound Casehas 43 lightly scripted lesson plans include activities covering the following:


• concepts of print while reading aloud to young children

• expressive and receptive vocabulary

• phonological awareness

• letter recognition

• alphabet knowledge

Each lesson ends with an extension activity that is creative, fun and helps concepts stick!

"It’s a nice way to wrap up the letter we have been talking about that week. The kids adored making the igloos and other fun activities."

— Cathy Gray, kindergarten teacher

"Emma is doing really well with The Sound Case! I'm very happy with it. She's reading about a book a week now. It's a great tool!"

— Joy, mother of Emma


Are you ready to help your child prepare to read?

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An expert kindergarten teacher's thoughts on The Sound Case:

"The kids start to recognize words and remember, 'Oh that was in our other book.' It's phenomenal how they recall the words. The other thing my students absolutely love is the extension activity at the end of each lesson. But more than just being fun is how much The Sound Case is actually helping the children become ready to read."      

— Cathy Gray, experienced kindergarten teacher about using The Sound Case with 5- and 6-year-old students


Cathy's student's extension activity projects

See what other innovative teachers say about using The Sound Case to prepare students to read.
Download this brochure for your reference:

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Are you ready to improve your child's foundational

reading skills using our research-proven methods?


"I'm confident this is the program you've been looking for to improve a child's life and school success. The lightly scripted lessons in The Sound Case were designed with you in mind. When my 5-year-old son was sick with anxiety related to school, I wish I would have had a solution like this. Are you ready to invest in your child's future?"

— The Sound Caseauthor

Jeanine Phillips

The Sound Case author knows how it feels to desperately want to help your child.

Let's do this! Are you going to help your child get ready to read?


Buy individual books as you go to fill out your own library, or order the entire set of forty-three books from online retailers like All are classics, all are wonderful additions to your school or personal library as you teach children to read. See them here:

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    Emily Hanford reports on the ways that reading has been taught over the last 30 years and how those methods may be failing the 70% of children unable to read proficiently at 4th grade. 

    Listen now to her six podcast series “Sold a Story”– especially before you buy your next curriculum.



A seven year old boy struggles to make sense of words on the page. But when Mike is diagnosed with dyslexia and the teachers continue to fail him, his mother takes matters into her own hands to help her son fulfil his true potential.

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