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Keep Wichita AHEAD

When it comes to making Wichita better, our center makes us the BEST.

Literacy Is the foundation of success


Our life revolves around reading and writing. If you can't do one or the other, success will not come to you easily.


To get a job, you have to be able to read the job description and fill out an application.


What would you do if you didn't have the ability to do either of those things?


You'd have to find another way to survive.

70% of inmates are illiterate

48% of those people are dyslexic

100% you can help

FACT: Wichita is the home of the ONLY accredited dyslexia training center in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. #WichitaProud

Leading the country in education

Wichita is home to one of less than ten schools in the US that offers dyslexia training in a laboratory setting.

What does that mean?

The teachers we train don't just learn in the classroom. They observe our trained teachers working in the classroom. They get hands-on experience with our students. The teachers will see the change they will create before ever leaving our center.

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