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Literacy Elevates our workforce

People who struggle to read see the big picture

Some of the world's most innovative people throughout history have struggled to learn how to read. People like Richard Branson, Diane Swonk, Steve Jobs, William Hewlett, Walt Disney, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, and most famously, Albert Einstien.

If they came to apply for a job, wouldn't you want them to work for you?

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The Problem 

People Who struggle to read Face

If you don't learn to read and write before 4th grade, you do not have the foundation needed for further learning in today's school systems.

Even more so, you will not have the skills it takes to survive in a world that revolves around reading and writing.

That is why it is absolutely imperative to intervene early.

If we can get involved early and get children to the level they need to be at, they will have the skills necessary to get the jobs they will excel at and make a difference.

Innovators live in Wichita

But what if they can't read or fill out an


If you can't read, you can't work.


of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties

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