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The New
PHILLIPS Fundamental Learning Center

Our Future Home at 14533 E Sharon Lane Wichita, Kansas 67230

have you heard? Definitely mabee

For the last year, we have been working to raise $5.8 million dollars by January 15, 2021 to meet the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation Challenge Grant. There were some who thought this couldn’t be done…YOU, my friends, rose to the challenge. With your support, generous gifts, and belief in Phillips Fundamental Learning Center YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! We received notification early in January from the Mabee Foundation’s Executive Director, Mike Goeke, we did indeed meet the Mabee $2 million challenge grant. Thank you and congratulations to all! Our future is bright, and we look forward to inviting you to our new Phillips Fundamental Learning Center building as it is completed.

We feel so grateful to have received the Mabee Foundation challenge gift and to you for your gifts.

Look through the views below to see the care in planning we are building toward and the transformational thinking of how we educate teachers to help children who struggle to read and write.


Welcome Center & Commons


We are going to create a space that promotes immediate engagement, ongoing discovery, and ultimate achievement.


The welcome center is designed to be an inviting and calming area for all visitors - the hearth and the "hug" entryway are great examples. 

We want students to know right away that they are safe at our school, no matter what their previous school experiences have been.

Rolph Literacy Academy

RLA classrooms are not like traditional classrooms as students are often participating in hands-on learning.

Classrooms will be naturally lit and have the ability to be open and conjoined for maximum flexibility. 

Small reading rooms will be scattered throughout the academy, to ensure that students are able to get the individualized attention they need.


Teacher Training Center


The Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute allows PFLC to have a ripple effect. Not only will the new space allow for training of local parents and teachers, but the new technology and structure will allow for a global impact.

Further, we envision the new building will prove to be far more conducive to the laboratory setting we wish to offer teachers. With advanced audio-visual capabilities, observations will be far less distracting.

Staff Center

An additional 20,000 square feet will bring about a lot of growth for PFLC - this includes the number of staff we are able to accommodate.

With more staff, we will be able to offer more assessments. With more space, we will be able to offer a more inviting area for both parents and children to wait before (and during) assessments.


Outdoor Center

Students love to be outside. It gives them a place to connect with nature and discover new things. 

The new outdoor center will serve as an outdoor science classroom as well as a courtyard used for recess.