The Sound Case helps 

emerging readers succeed.

We know that 69 percent of children in fourth grade are reading below the proficient level, according to the NAEP Literacy Progress Report from 2015. FLC founders Jeanine Phillips and Gretchen Andeel searched for the knowledge and methodology that is key to teaching emerging readers for the past 25 years studying dyslexia education.


The research-based design of this case contains lesson plans created based upon the findings from their journey. Research validates their ideas regarding how to predict those who will struggle in school as young as age 5 and what kind of instruction needs to take place and when.


We know that early identification of struggling readers and remediation with specific instruction is imperative. We also know that teachers lack the information and, in many cases, time to change the reported outcomes.

The Sound Case, authored by Jeanine Phillips, was designed with dyslexic children in mind; however, the instruction also aligns with research proven to work with garden-variety struggling readers. In your case, you will find 33 lesson plans designed for emerging readers ages 3-7.

The case also includes materials needed to teach each lesson, include decks of learning cards, vocabulary sheets, a handwriting board, an alphabet mat and more.


These lessons are structured, sequential, multisensory and systematic. Trust these 33 lessons to lead you through the process of teaching a student to learn to read. At the Fundamental Learning Center, we have seen it happen again and again, restoring hope for children and parents alike.

The Sound Case is only available for purchase with the proper training. Whether you go through our exclusive online training course or come to the center to learn how to use The Sound Case, you'll be so glad you have the instructions to make the tools work for your child.

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"So many fantastic ideas! I'm already implementing some of them! Jeanine's stories bring life to the concepts."