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It’s not just another lecture about dyslexia. Join us and listen as parents and professionals share their experiences with dyslexia and hear how they solve the challenges a child with dyslexia faces. Learn from their personal stories and see first hand as we all learn together.


Dyslexia is now formally recognized as an issue for struggling readers in accordance with Kansas law. Come listen to a lecture that teaches what the new recommendations for helping children with dyslexia are and shows how we’re working to implement them and teach our children to read.


According to research one out of every five students nationally struggles academically because they have dyslexia. That means at least four out of every 20 students in a class is not able to keep up with their peers in learning school subjects.


But, few parents or teachers have accurate information for how a child with dyslexia should be taught or accommodated in school.


Instead, many myths about dyslexia continue to be prevalent in our Kansas communities blocking the way to helping our children learn effectively. Fundamental Learning Center hopes to dispel those myths by presenting a monthly lecture Dyslexia: Let's Talk About It, to parents and teachers. The series is designed to share current, research-based information and true, basic, facts about dyslexia. 


Research has shown that children with dyslexia are far more likely to succeed academically when parents are educated about dyslexia and provide a voice for their children.  And teachers with reliable resources and up-to-date information can make knowledgeable decisions about a child’s instructional needs. 


Acquiring knowledge and understanding of all these areas is vital for anyone playing a role in the life of a child with dyslexia.

Dyslexia: Let's Talk About It lecture at FLC. Thursday, September 16, 2021