Up to The Challenge.

 “I have a belief that the facilities that we build to provide services to people who have been marginalized or hurt or ignored or underserved should reflect the dignity that we hope to impart to them through the services that are provided, said Mike Goeke, Executive Director of the Mabee Foundation, reinforcing the Trustee’s support. “Those buildings should signify that the people using them are important and valuable enough to warrant beautiful, excellent buildings. For those being trained, it is a visual picture of the importance and dignity of the work for which they are being trained.”

Fundamental Learning Center is a non-profit literacy academy for children and a teacher training center using research-based programs that teach children with dyslexia and struggling readers to read, write and spell. Since its inception, FLC has had hand in helping hundreds of thousands of children improve their reading skills. FLC has taught over 213,000 Kansas children how to read by preparing teachers, training Certified Academic Language Therapists, reading specialists and tutors, who then work with struggling readers.


Sixty-six percent of fourth grade children in the state of Kansas struggle to read. The challenge is never ending because dyslexia is hereditary. 


The good news is, FLC’s programs are rapidly expanding.


That is why today, FLC is stepping out, embracing the challenge and accepting its role as standard bearer. Its has bold plans to build a high-visibility, state-of-the-art teaching laboratory in Wichita, inspired by a Frank Lloyd Wright plan, that will be a platform for launching the radical changes needed to transform education in Kansas, the region and globally.


To advance FLC’s vision, the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation issued FLC an extraordinary challenge: it has awarded a $2 million challenge grant to support the construction of this iconic teaching laboratory and school. In order to receive the gift, FLC had to raise $5.8 million to complete their construction project goal by January 15, 2021.


With the support of the Mabee Foundation challenge grant and others who have given to support children’s futures, Fundamental Learning Center plans to break ground in 2021.


Gifts to push to the final Transforming Education campaign giving goal are tax deductible. 


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