Help a child unlock super powers.

While dyslexic children struggle with reading, writing and spelling, they often have strengths in other areas, like creativity. Many are exceptional in the cognitive and/or emotional areas. After children are assessed by our dyslexia screeners, reading mediation can help with the skills in which they struggle. This will allow the children to focus on and thrive in other areas they love, like science, art and critical thinking.

You can help dyslexic children by taking courses and workshops at Fundamental Learning Center's Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute. FLC teaches Alphabetic Phonics, which helps students who struggle reading. These courses offer pathways to become a Literacy Intervention Specialist and a step further, working to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist. Other workshops and courses focus on the multisensory teaching in grammar, math, study skills and other areas.

FLC has a private, all-day school called Rolph Literacy Academy, where more than 40 elementary-aged students receive multisensory teaching in all of their subject areas. In addition to receiving Alphabetic Phonics instruction every day in a four-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, RLA students experience core subject areas and electives.