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Welcome to "Dyslexia: Let's Talk About It," Fundamental Learning Center's original podcast about dyslexia. With our host Jessica Stong, we'll bring you stories of hope, inspiration, and information from the current research to discuss dyslexia, which impacts roughly 1 in 5 children today. This neurologically-based superpower is characterized by difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling but with incredible strengths in other areas like creativity and visual-spatial skills. Take a listen!

Jan. 29, 2019

Fundamental Learning Center Executive Director and Co-Founder Jeanine Phillips takes listeners through her very personal journey fighting to advocate for her son with dyslexia in Kansas in the 1980s.

Feb. 5, 2019

Fundamental Learning Center Co-Founder Gretchen Andeel discusses her work with Jeanine Phillips to establish the Fundamental Learning Center. She shares her tales of strength and courage regarding the struggle to help a child with dyslexia in the 1980s. Gretchen's love carried her family (and many more since her daughter's experience) above the trials.

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