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Children with dyslexia have hidden gifts. 

Teach them to read.

Watch them fly.


Please join our amazing donor community who make such a difference for a child with dyslexia or an educator in need of PFLC’s expertise to teach them.


Your meaningful gift gives these brilliant “caterpillars” hope who are learning to read, write and spell.


A gift to our everyday working fund, The Butterfly Appealallows our reading focused teaching of children with dyslexia to continue during the 2023 fiscal year.


This fund also helps assist a family who is seeking an assessment, helps us purchase instructional materials for the kids, and helps keep our facility a safe learning environment. 

Every time you give to Phillips Fundamental Learning Center, you make it possible for a child with dyslexia to experience a whole new world by giving the gift of reading. You see their face and then their life light up.


We would not be able to serve as the area's only center focusing on children with dyslexia and also an International Mulitisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredited teacher training site.


We are the only center as well having a laboratory school setting that helps teachers know how to help children with dyslexia learn to read, write and spell without your help.


You are giving children with dyslexia hope for a brighter future, both in Kansas and across the country.


Thanks to YOU, we have been able to change lives and empower countless children for the past 22 years.


Please consider a meaningful gift today. 


With your gift we will continue to work to provide hope for these bright children in 2023 and beyond.


Kids who read, succeed.

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at any time via check made out to

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center.

Please indicate on your check which fund your gift is for and mail it to:

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center,

attn: Penny

2220 E. 21st St. N.,

Wichita KS 67214

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