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The Right Road to Writing Instruction: Navigating GPS (Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling) Within the Context of Writing

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January 31, February 7, 14, 21, & 28, 2014

July 14 – 18, 2014


Scientific Spelling

 Scientific Spelling:


Advanced Grammar


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Phonological Awareness

February 10, 2014

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“All kids reading. All kids succeeding.”

There is a way.

Teachers specialize. Kids make gains.

As a private not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational resource center located in Wichita, Kansas, Fundamental Learning Centerprovides a continuum of programs and services for Kansas’ children experiencing difficulty in reading, writing and spelling.  We are in compliance with National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) supported longitudinal research and Federal and Kansas educational policy.  The Fundamental Learning Center delivers consulting and educational services to concerned parents as well as private, parochial, and public school systems, regular and special education across the state.

Additionally, Fundamental Learning Center is an International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredited site.  The Center has intensively prepared hundreds of highly-qualified and specifically trained individuals who provide direct intervention literacy instructional activities with children at-risk for significant reading difficulties across the state of Kansas.

“Why is my child failing to learn to read?” Are you confused, concerned, and frustrated with the lack of answers you receive to this important question? Do you puzzle over the fact that your child is smart, yet not doing well in  school?

No one can expect children to succeed in life without learning to read.

We can help.

Please Take Notes

Our Mission: We disseminate quality research-based programs and knowledge to educate and empower children, educational professionals, concerned parents, and the broader community for the purpose of significantly improving individual literacy skills.

We can help!

Fundamental Learning Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), and we are specialists in the area of reading difficulties. The director and staff of the Fundamental Learning Center has offered assessment, consulting and educational services to private, parochial and public school systems, regular and special education educators across the State of Kansas for the past twenty years. Having incorporated the research related to reading into our teacher preparation courses, we are knowledgeable.

We can direct you to our resources for parents and teachers or community resources. It is important that you find help for the struggling child who has brought you to this website. Call us, we look forward to sharing information with you. 316.684.READ (7323).

Reading Readiness

Upcoming Dates:

February 3 – 4, 2014
April 10 – 11, 2014
June 26 – 27, 2014
August 7 – 8, 2014
November 10 – 11, 2014

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Multisensory Grammar


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February 13, 2014
April 11, 2014
June 25, 2014
August 8, 2014
October 13, 2014

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Semple Math


Upcoming Dates:

February 5-6, 2014
June 23 – 24, 2014
August 11-12, 2014

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“A new and exciting way to teach and encourage students who are struggling.” Cherie Davis

Literacy Intervention Specialist Preparation Program

Our Program intensively trains parents, classroom teachers, and reading specialists with an educational, structured, comprehensive, phonetic, multisensory approach for the remediation of dyslexia and/or written-language disorders. These methods not only help children with learning differences but also help 95% of students to learn to read.

Measurable, proven, and successful research based outcomes set FLC apart, establishing the Center as a leading source of literacy instruction within Kansas.

“They should have taught me this in college; I am so much more prepared as a first year teacher.” Sally Holiday

FLC’s multisensory curriculum is the core approach for teaching children who struggle significantly to learn to read. These methods incorporating Orton-Gillingham theories of reading instruction and practice, using multisensory activities to link the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses.

All of FLC teacher development programs incorporate the five components of reading instruction identified in NIH research as well as the Department of Education’s federal policy on literacy: phonological awareness, systematic and structured phonics, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary development. These components are essential to meet criteria requirements for the instruction reading.

Level I – Introductory Course

Level I participants will attend the two-week FLC Introductory Course, learning research proven methods of teaching decoding, automaticity and fluency. Within the FLC classroom, teachers will have 80 contact instructional hours from certified literacy specialists learning important aspects of language acquisition including phonology and phonetic reading.

The best teacher-preparation programs emphasize subject-matter mastery and provide opportunities for teachers to spend time in their classrooms under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Each of our teachers will spend 20 hours in practicum allowing them the time to apply their learning of theory in the context of teaching in their classroom.

After classroom instruction, participants will have approximately 350 hours of supervised practice with students applying their new literacy teaching skills. Throughout the year, FLC will observe the teachers in their classes and offer embedded professional development feedback and assistance. By working with the teachers in their classrooms, FLC will provide in-school coaching and mentoring while helping them take their high-quality development and tailor it to the needs of their students.



Level II – Advanced Course

FLC Advance Course provides the next level of professional teacher development extending from developing basic skills to sophisticated levels of linguistic knowledge such as coding polysyllabic words. A similar successful format as Level I is incorporated including 80 contact instructional hours followed by in-school coaching and mentoring and access to FLC ‘s professional learning communities.

In addition, teachers from both the introductory and the advanced courses will be required to learn best practices through two comprehensive workshops of their choosing. Topics will include: Dyslexia 101, Multisensory Grammar, Scientific Spelling, and Advanced Grammar, to name a few.


Level III – Advanced-Extension Course

The third level of FLC‘s program is a one week Advanced-Extension course. This 40 hours of contact instruction of aggrandized teacher development will prep the teacher for the Certified Academic Language Therapists board exam, teach upper writing skills instruction, followed by study skills and socialization skills for children with special needs.


Graduate Credit – Newman University

A total of 9 hours of graduate credit (for all three levels) is available from Newman University for an additional fee.



Initial registration may be completed by mail or phone. Additional telephone interview is required to complete the process.

Please feel free to contact us any time at 316.684.READ (7323) or


Literacy Intervention Specialist ~ Intro. Dates & Times

February 24 – March 7, 2014
June 2 – 13, 2014
July 7 – 18, 2014
September 22 – October 3, 2014






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Please feel free to contact us any time at 316.684.READ (7323) or

email for price inquires. 


Additional Practicum Required.

Deadline for registration is 3 weeks before start of class.

Bachelors degree from an accredited 4 year institution. Documentation includes a copy of transcripts, copy of degree, and three professional references. 

Completion of Advanced and Advanced Extension Level Courses required to become a candidate for certification.